How we acquired 1000+ users for a B2B SaaS application in less than 2 Months

12th October 2022

How we acquired 1000+ users for a B2B SaaS application in less than 2 months with minimal Ad spend

How we acquired 50+ users for a B2B SaaS application in less than 2 weeks with limited/minimal Ad spend

Results, a fresh SaaS startup reached out to Digital Prizm intending to improve Brand awareness and User acquisition for its new SaaS product. After assessing their needs, we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy and helped acquire 1000 quality users in less than 2 months. 

If you’re wondering how the strategies proved themselves, keep reading this interesting case study.

About the brand is an affordable and easy-to-implement work management software that has CRM, HRM, Payroll, Finance, Project Management and more in a single platform. Unlike the other software in the market, Waith does not have per-user billing or additional costs for features. is ideal for Startups, SMEs or Freelancers.

Brand Concern was very new to the market and lacked a well-defined buyer persona and target market to promote its product. Additionally, efficient Brand Awareness was not done through Digital Platforms. During their initial campaign in June, the brand spent around $1000 for paid campaigns and got zero conversions from them. Upon analysing the trends, we found out that the website was not conversion optimized and lacked basic on-page SEO Optimisations due to which most of the visitors dropped off their landing page after visiting. With no defined marketing funnel, the brand also was unsure of where to lead its visitors next.

Our Challenge

With no previous customer persona or market data to rely on, we had to start from scratch to reach the brand’s potential market. We also had to revamp their website and make it more conversion-optimized and SEO friendly. We had to develop strategies for each level in the marketing funnel and build a cohesive marketing plan keeping the client’s end goal in mind.

Conversion Optimised Website

We started with competitor analysis and keyword analysis to understand the gap between the brand and its competitors. Redesigning the UI/UX alongside the website reduced the bounce rate significantly and improved the page visit time. We also optimised website content with respect to the trust factor and page authority. A detailed keyword strategy was created which included optimisation of meta title and description and basic SEO. We created a user-friendly interface for both mobile and desktop and included high engagement CTA’s. After the revamp, the drop-off percentage and the bounce rate significantly reduced and we were able to engage the visitors better.

A/B Testing

We developed and tested several campaigns with different ad sets, ad creatives and keywords, and developed targeted campaigns to understand the audience and gather market data in specific countries. Furthermore, we performed a data-driven campaign by narrowing down the segments and targeting each country with the insights that we had gathered.

Keyword optimisation using Semrush

As user acquisition was the primary goal of our client, we searched for keywords with Commercial and Transactional intent. As the search volume was high for keywords with these intentions, we truncated the keywords with optimum search volume and segregated and grouped top keywords with good traffic based on each country that we were targeting. We also extended our keyword research to Google Keyword Planner and upon gathering collective data from both tools we created Google Search Ads and also used the data for SEO strategy for on-page and off-page optimisation. Here’s a blog by Semrush we referred to while doing the SEO research which led to much success in our SEO efforts.

Google Ads

We created multiple sets of search ads for each feature in the product after a detailed analysis of potential keywords in a specific country. We also collected the data from previous A/B testing campaigns from Google Analytics with respect to Audience Segmentation and drafted strategies for efficient search engine marketing. By simultaneously running display and YouTube ads for Brand Awareness and Retargetting, we built a cohesive plan for paid ads.Here’s a blog by Semrush we referred to while doing the SEO research which led to much success in our SEO efforts.

Branding Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Along with Google Ads, we created brand awareness campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to further increase the brand’s reach. We created short and interactive videos for improving the interaction rate and CTR. Hence, we were able to create a 360-degree marketing plan for the brand.


We spent around $600 in two weeks and managed to acquire 50+ high-quality users for the application. Alongside that, we significantly increased the CTR and reduced the bounce rate by 37%. The campaigns are still live (as of Oct 2022) and we have managed to generate more quality leads and users for the brand.

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