Software Development

Software Development

We at Digital Prizm convert your idea into a software form where; everything can be presented under one roof. We actively take up:

  • Software creation
  • Designing part
  • Deploying and supporting 

Present us your idea and we will bring it into reality.


Custom Application Development

Not all application templates work for every business type. To keep it unique for your business, it’s essential to build a custom application that covers all your requirements. 

We at Digital Prizm follow a simple process:

  • Understand your idea
  • Discuss your top 3 requirements 
  • Build an application layout
  • Craft an implementation strategy 
  • Execute and build the app as per the need
  • Represent the beta version to the client team for approval

SAAS Application Development

Saas(Software as a service) software has been booming in recent times as it eliminates storage issues, and the entire software runs on the cloud, making it a secure platform with easy access to alterations. 

We at Digital Prizm help build the SaaS application from scratch post understanding the client’s requirements and needs. In addition, we have secure cloud servers that are quick to access and update, allowing them to be all-time ready for the customers.


Ecommerce Application

Being the commerce going all digital, most startups and companies list their products on a private platform to reach the global target audience. 

Our team of experts at Digital Prizm help clients build a personalized e-commerce platform for their products. We also assist in keeping it up-to-date with updates and alterations as and when needed in order to provide a hassle-free shopping experience to the users.


Product Development

You may have the best idea in your mind to solve the problem of your target audience. However, it just remains an idea until you don’t execute the vision into a final product and launch the beta version. 

We at Digital Prizm bring your ideas into reality by helping you with 

  • Product development
  • Product designing
  • Product packaging
  • Product marketing strategy

We have a pull of resources that allows us to develop the overall product at a best in the market rates.



As per the research, 48.6% of websites are developed that appeal to the eyes of the users but hurt the sentiments of the bots, thus not ranking on the search engines. 

Our experts at Digital Prizm design, the UI/UX of the websites/ applications, keeping the algorithms and customer needs in mind, allowing them to rank high on the engines and boosting sales figures by estimated numbers.


Enterprise Application Development

The larger the business, the more issues synchronizing the processes between the stakeholders. As the enterprise grows, the management needs automation that allows the smooth functioning of the company. 

We at Digital Prizm help the company build a custom enterprise application to connect a link between internal affairs and external parties of the company, to ease the communication and operations.


Android/IOS App Development

Despite the countless marketing efforts, it won’t reach the right audience if it’s not on the Play Store. Understanding this, most businesses are building a platform to showcase their products and services on mobile phones. 

We at Digital Prizm help clients take their businesses right at their customer’s fingertips, giving them a seamless experience of buying, selling, and using the services via the application.


Legacy Systems

Legacy systems are outdated systems on which your software and services are built. However, with technological advancement, the systems are getting upgraded via the cloud computing system. 

Making a transition is difficult, time-consuming and requires high-end technical know-how. Our Digital Prizm team is equipped with the necessary knowledge requirements, helping you with seamless upgradation of scrapped legal systems.


Web Design and Development

A website is just an online office for your business, where all your operations, transactions, work, business collaborations, lead-generation activities, and events are done using the virtual platform. 

At Digital Prizm, we understand the importance of a good website and how it can make or break a business idea. We help clients convert their ideas into visual form, allowing them to seamlessly showcase their products, services, tutorials, blogs, contact details, etc. The website is designed keeping in mind the choice of the target audience and the search engines to help the brand boost revenue with the new development.


ERP Development

Enterprise resource planning software is a must for any company as it brings all the crucial departments under one roof, allowing each to connect and progress rightly.

We at Digital Prizm help the enterprise build software that interconnects the departments of Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and HR together. We follow a simple process:

  • Understand the end goal and mission
  • Create a blueprint layout 
  • Develop a rough prototype
  • Run a testing code
  • Present the final version
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Other Services

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Digital Marketing

With the world going all digital, the marketing domain has sky-rocketed into the global world through innumerable online channels. 

We at Digital Prizm converted all our offline efforts to online, with the increasing craze of online media being the most effective one.

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We at Digital Prizm believe – one of the reasons any company succeed is because its brand name is always on the tip of the tongue of its customers. Branding creates customer loyalty, which takes their game to the next level.

We work on the overall brand strategy, starting from deciding the colour schemes to campaign themes to creating a buzz that impacts the target audience right into their hearts and minds.

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