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Digital Prizm is a Singapore-based custom software engineering company, headquartered in Singapore, SG. Our core values are unparalleled quality, effective communication, and transparent pricing. We creates software products of unparalleled quality; to achieve that level of excellence, we concentrated our engineers throughout center of excellence, functionally, adding them to our different divisions, from product development to continuous learning and innovations.


Our core objective is to provide our customers with world class service and products in the shortest period of time. We use the latest technology and methods to enhance your experience.


We are passionate about providing robust and futuristic solutions that help you to improve your efficiency and bottomline. We ensure that all our projects have a purpose and strategic vision, so that you would be able to reap the maximum benefits from them.

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Since the beginning, we have been committed to enabling business transformations with cutting-edge technology solutions. Our journey has not only been an incredible opportunity to collaborate with companies worldwide but also experience firsthand the role technology plays in reshaping the industrial landscape. We believe that by focusing on helping our partners succeed, we are assisting the entire digital industry.

Don K Asok

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Message from our CEO

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Sathyanandham Anguswami

Sathyanandham Anguswami

Chief Operating Officer / CFO

Hari Kumar

Harikumar P Nair

General Manager


Chief Technology Officer

Ming Cong Ang

Ming Cong Ang

Business Development


System Architect

Tamilselvan M

Tamilselvan M

Tech Lead

Sony Abraham

Sony A Abraham

Senior Developer

Sonali Trivedi

Sonali Trivedi

Senior Developer

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