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Kalpafit is a new brand that focuses on bringing everyone a healthy lifestyle. Kalpafit brings the overall well-being of an individual through a 360 – degree approach using well-tested scientific methods to enhance the global fitness quotient. Kalpafit has four verticals: online classes, ecommerce, herbal remedies, and destination travel.



EXPERTISE : Technology, UI, UX

INDUSTRY : Healthtech, eCommerce


  • + Product Development
  • + Micro Service
  • + API Gateway
  • + Identity Management
  • + Health Tech
  • + eCommerce


The primary challenge was to develop the brand from scratch and uplift it in the minds of the people with trust. We started with market research and competitor analysis to understand user behaviour. The main aim was to check what already prevails in the market and what new we can bring in for our audience. Later, we worked on developing a web and mobile application that allows seamless browsing, shopping and video streaming.


We have started with a mobile-optimized website to publish health-related articles. Within, we developed a microservice architecture system for easy access to shopping, checkout, browsing, and video streaming optimized for better speed, reliability and traffic.

Featured Projects perforated in the market to address the pain points of individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs.


Majic Corp

Majic Wheels Corp. kickstarted its journey into Fintech, Insurtech, Software Development, and Blockchain domains.


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