Kalpafit is a 360-degree fitness app launched to help individuals discover themselves and enhance their fitness journey via adopting different forms of workouts like yoga and meditation, lifestyle changes, mind therapies etc. The aim is to increase the health index and make one understand the importance of a fit life.

  • + User Research
  • + Userflow
  • + Style Guide
  • + Wireframe
  • + Hi-fi Screens
  • + Prototype
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The Challenge

The main challenge was to design an interface that allows smooth scrolling through fitness content like blogs. We had to create a separate section for three different providing categories – Yoga, Fitness and energy. Our struggle was to create a one-click transition into the important content in each category, allowing users to dive in and enjoy the knowledge of their interesting topics.

The Solution

To bring in a real time solution, we decided to use multiple methods like user research, user flow, competitive analysis, user interview, style guide, wireFrame, HI-fi Screens, prototype etc. Using permutations and combinations of each methods, we tried to understand the user needs and came up with a clean, smooth and hassle-free scrollable interface.

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