Iqrate – Making home buying a seamless experience, may it be loans or papers or long queues at the registrar’s offices. An app built keeping 360-degree offerings in mind – home loan packages, interest rates, financial status checks, budget checks, repayment duration measurements and many more in one single place. The clients can easily pick a deal and go ahead with the banks of their own choice without any interference from the mediators. A new age app solving the house buying process for millions.

  • + User Research
  • + Competitive Analysis
  • + Userflow
  • + Wireframe
  • + Hi-fi Screens
  • + Prototype
  • + Style Guide
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The Challenge

Our main challenge was to create a platform that offers a list of home loan packages along with interest rates offered by banks in one single app. The package exploring needs to be within 3- clicks and allow the users to check out each of them within a limited time period. Therefore, the interface needs to be clean, hassle-free, yet attractive.

The Solution

We had to take an all-in-one approach for this particular brand. We adopted 6 steps methodology process to solve the challenge and come up with a seamless process – Discover, define, ideate, prototype, test and iterate, helping us come to a researched conclusion for the interface. On the other hand, to make it look appealing, we turned to illustrations, pastel colors and attractive fonts.

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